Why us ?

At Innovatione India Projects LLP, we are well-versed in all the cutting edge technology along with industry knowledge to provide for the most functional and productive corporate Interior space design and fit outs. Our designed spaces come with the latest control systems, surveillance systems and hybrid wiring. Our corporate projects most often exude the right environment and functionality of the commercial interior. Along with high quality service, partnering with us has unique advantages

Delivering value beyond expectations

End to End Turnkey Services with Superb Project Management and Execution Capabilities
We offer end to end turnkey interior contracting services from concept to final execution. Every aspect is planned methodically and integrated into the project, so that the execution flow is  streamlined across verticals. Our experienced project managers, engineers and industry experts have wide experience in the management and execution of large interior projects

A Collaborative Business Experience

Our projects ensure Collaborative Business Experience to our customers. We work diligently with our customers, PMC and Architects from the planning to the execution stage for perfect project completion and to develop customized solutions.

Synergies across Verticals

Interior contracting requires expertise across multiple verticals. Our Team of Industry experts, project managers and architects create synergies across verticals for timely and cost effective project execution. Seasoned professionals with their share of expertise from various fields join hands to create magic, every time.

Benefits of Backward Integration

To control the quality of deliverables, improve operational efficiency and cost we have integrated backward and set up our own world class manufacturing facility. This helps us to handle all large site work contracts effortlessly, managing project scalability speedily and seamlessly.

Global Standard Benchmarks

The quality of our workmanship, project execution, fit-out components, fixtures, furniture and materials used are truly world class. We also take pains to invest in and employ the best vendors and sub-contractors in terms of efficiency and quality of workmanship and supply of materials.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our cherished knowledge of procurement, manpower, materials and our business itself, saves costs for the customers in terms of materials used, operational efficiencies, design and engineering optimizations, project coordination and effective use of the latest technologies.

Health Safety and Environment

Performing work safely in an environmentally sound manner is what Innovatione India Projects LLP is at it, always. Changes to industry practices over the past decade have translated to smaller footprints, less waste, cleaner and safer operations, and greater compatibility with the environment